Interested in joining the Taking Travel Black Leadership Team? You’ve come to the right place.

Our mission is to build a community of global citizens from across the Black Diaspora by making travel, study, and cultural exchange affordable and accessible.

This is the focus of our work every day and is manifested via discounted group travel, passport grants, study abroad scholarships, and building engaging content.


What is the role of the Leadership Team?

The Leadership Team plays an essential role in the success of the Taking Travel Black. Each Leader contributes to accomplishing our mission by executing their specific duties.

How much time must I commit as a member of the Leadership Team?

As a member of the Leadership Team (aka the Board of Directors,) you are a representative of Taking Travel Black and are expected to uphold our mission and values accordingly.

You will be expected to dedicate time to executing the duties related to your position on the BOD, attend one virtual Board meeting per month, attend the annual Leadership Conference, and attend one Group Escape per year.

What are the responsibilities of a member of the Leadership Team?

  • Initially serve a one-year term

  • Serve as a spokesperson on behalf of the Taking Travel Black

  • Use your personal network & connections to promote the needs of the organization

  • Make personal financial contributions with a minimum annual dues of $145 (cost of a passport)

  • Volunteer your time by attending monthly board meetings, the annual Leadership Conference, and one Group Escape per year

  • Collaborate with other members of the Leadership Team & staff

open leadership roles:

Director of Development

Your role is to grow Taking Travel Black’s budget so we can have the capital we need to execute the mission. Get us this shmoney.

  • Develop & execute the 2019 Fundraising Plan

  • Write grant proposals and track reports for all secured grants

  • Secure financial support from individuals, organizations, foundations and corporations

  • Develop and maintain ongoing relationships with major donors

This is for you if: you can strike up an interesting conversation with anyone, at any time and any place.

Words that describe you: charismatic, analytical, goal-oriented

Director of Marketing & Engagement

Your role is to establish and manage the brand, face, and voice of Taking Travel Black. You are TTB.

  • Establish Taking Travel Black’s digital brand, blog, & social media presence

  • Create + execute the social media and content calendars

  • Manage email marketing, organization announcements, press releases and other marketing communications

  • Develop an influencer strategy

This is for you if: you notice the little details in everything.

Word that describe you: tech-savvy, creative eye, typo-hater

Director of People & Culture

Your role is to establish a kick-ass organizational culture. You are the glue of Taking Travel Black.

  • Cultivate and lead a talented and service-minded organization by building trust, listening, and relating to employees at all layers

  • Ensure that TTB has the right talent, infrastructure/systems/processes, and policies necessary to accomplish our mission

  • Establish onboarding, training, and management processes for all new BOD members, interns, community leaders, and volunteers

  • Ensure all internal staff’s information, records, and documentation are accurate, complete, and up to date

This is for you if: your friends would describe as a momma or poppa bear.

Words that describe you: process-driven, people-focused, data-driven

Director of Policy

Your role is to provide legal advice to Taking Travel Black.

  • Write, analyze, and interpret a variety of administrative and legal documents

  • Help us not get into hot sh*t

  • Familiarity with (or interest in) nonprofit legal work

This is for you if: you’re a practicing attorney with a penchant for service

Words that describe you: 5-star communicator, can keep a secret (#confidentiality), fluent in legalese

Director of Technology & Innovation

Your role is to create a cutting edge online and mobile experience for Taking Travel Black. You are our tech guru.

  • Manage TTB’s technology infrastructure and resources

  • Make all necessary changes and updates to the website to maintain accuracy in information & a great user experience

  • Develop a plan for an upcoming customer portal/app and work with external teams to build & execute it

  • Use web data to test/update/change various components of the website

This is for you if: you are fluent in multiple programming languages, can translate tech-talk to non-tech people, & your motto is ABT - always be testing

Words that describe you: organized, curious, data-driven, excellent communicator

Director of Programs

Your role is to plan and execute Taking Travel Black’s various programs.

  • Develop and create informational guides for existing programs, as well as research/propose new programs

  • Develop an expansion plan for local and college chapters to represent TTB all over the world map

  • Develop a partnership program to get other orgs and companies to realize the benefits of working with TTB

This is for you if: you can’t live without your calendar & notes apps

Words that describe you: ridiculous organized, outside the box thinker, believe “no” is not a final answer

Director of Customer Experience

Your role is to keep our paying customers happy and returning.

  • Design a safe & delightful customer experience for all TTB guests

  • Manage customer feedback & complaints

  • Develop a customer experience survey & use the resulting data to implement changes

  • Establish strategies and programs related to increasing customer loyalty and referrals

This is for you if: you believe the glass is half full and have a natural ability to make people turn their frowns upside down

Words that describe you: extroverted, caring, problem-solver, “yes, but and…”